Monday, June 16, 2008

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Magnum, p.i.

Magnum P.I. was a show that started on December 11th 1980. It was created by Glen A. Larson and Donald P. Bellisario. After the end of Hawaii 5-0, CBS used the remaining gear left in Honolulu for the production of their new series Magnum P.I.
The show was a top 20 hit for the first 5 seasons. On May 1st 1988 after 8 seasons the show ended its run. Not before the shows two stars Tom Selleck and John Hillerman both won Emmys.
Magnum P.I. Costume


The show centers around Vietnam veteran Thomas Magnum(Tom Selleck) who works as a private investigator in Oahu, Hawaii. Thomas lives at the estate of Robin Masters who lets him live their and use the Ferrari in exchange for private security of the mansion. Magnum is constantly harassed by Higgins(John Hillerman) the estate manager for taking liberty's with the deal set between himself and Robin Masters. Each episode revolves around Magnum trying to solve a particular case with his Navy buddy's Rick(Roger E. Mosley) and T.C.(Larry Manetti).




Robin Masters was never seen but his voice was done by Orson Wells.

All 8 seasons have been released on DVD.

A new movie with Matthew MacConaughy as Thomas Magnum is set to be released in 2009.

Magnum P.I. had crossovers with Murder She Wrote, The Rockforf Files, and Simon&Simon.